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March 7, 2005

Add N TO (X)

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I found a tape on the floor of the car and put it in the player. I knew Wintersleep were on one side and I looked forward to hearing them again. But on the other side was a taped John Peel show from about 2 years ago. I decided to listen to that again and was reminded of one amazing track – I Wanna Be Your Dog by Add N To (X). It is an astonishing piece of work – the only version (and I have heard many including Sonic Youth and Uncle Tupelo) that I maybe even prefer to the original. Add N TO (X) were nearly always instrumental but on this song they have vocals (possibly ?Ann Sheridan? one of the founders). Not very good singing in terms of being in tune but absolutely perfect in this song and the analog synths are so distorted-guitar like. I sometimes like to think of myself as having quite radical taste in music but really I am just looking for the great song rather than the experimental piece of music.

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