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May 9, 2005

Drowning In A Well Of Sadness Part One: Things In Herds

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I have a new flat in Manchester. Finally got my stereo up here and set up. I remember at the last house I played Peter Hammill’s ‘In The Black Room’ as the first CD (yes, I love depressive music!). What will be the first in this glorified bedsit without heating? ‘Everything Has To End Somewhere’ by Things In Herds, of course. Start with one of the saddest records in the world. The Track As You Leave is not particularly relevant to my situation but the mood is the same – the end of something and the waste of it all.

Why are you, packing up
When you have love
And that’s enough for most people
I will carry carry on
It’s all the same…it’s all the same

Things In Herds

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