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May 10, 2005

Drowning In A Well of Sadness Part Two: Red Star Belgrade

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You may know Red Star Belgrade for their Saddest Girl. But they are much blacker than that whimsical ditty. I could choose a number of songs but there is one that stands out for it’s sheer pathos (and even understatement). It’s called The Lord’s Prayer. I really, really hope this isn’t based on real experience.

We Said the Lord’s Prayer and then they took her away
It was the last time I ever saw her drowning face

The cops said it’s just until she’s back on her feet
She looked at me and apologised
I was too young to know she had something to be sorry for

My sister carried me into the black and white
The streets were shining like a carousel
The moon was racing through the trees and I was on my own.

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