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May 16, 2005

Drowning In A Well of Sadness Part Six: Tom Leach

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I’ve never met anyone who knows Tom Leach but so what. I think I heard of him on a Slow River Records compilation. He’s a (alt)country singer with a nasal twang and writes great songs. There’s one song of his that I used to do a version of when I used to play music that I just love beyond reason. The song is If I Were You.

If I were you then I would show a little mercy
And some respect for someone who’s cried.
I’d realise that I’d broken the heart of another
And I would hope that I had left him some pride.

If I were you I’d walk away and wouldn’t worry
I wouldn’t stay with this one who’s so blue
You’re so concerned and so we’re here and it hurts me
Leave me alone, that’s what I’d do if you were you.

Wow, I’m getting inspired by all this pain.

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