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May 25, 2005

Arctic Monkeys and Don’s Mobile Barbers

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I checked the ticket site and it seems that The Arctic Monkeys are already sold out in Manchester. Sounds like a band with a bit of a buzz about them.

I must be the slowest reviewer in the world because I’m still listening to the version two point zero CD by Don’s Mobile Barbers. It’s a delicate album. Gentle, flowing melodies. The singer has a sad voice to begin with so he has a head start. This is how pop music should be, like the great and largely ignored Dalek I love You from the early 80s. It should be honourably mentioned as part of my “Drowning in a Well of Sadness” series.

With the future direction of the Cool Noise site in confusion (Google has buried it), then I shall simply say this: the latest Don’s Mobile Barbers CD goes into my music collection as one of the best emotionally wrought works of art I know. I shall treasure it.

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