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May 29, 2005

Brief Respite – Sexiest Song

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I’m still listening to all of my most depressing music but even I need a break. So I have put on The Disconnection by Carina Round. It has the most magnificent start possible – 3 great tracks with Track 2 being something that PJ Harvey would love to have written. But it’s Track 3 that I am waiting for: Lacuna.

Speaking in disguises, your words are ornamenthol
A vapour trial and then you are gone.

He never learnt that the heart is perishable without love.
Keep your heart out of it, now concentrate your vision.
I’m lying here like a forfeit, awaiting your incision
I don’t want to hear about it, your new infatuation
I just want to leave wearing a smile
There is a lot to be said for this morbid self-attention
The problem lies in my external obsession

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