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June 13, 2005

Ghostwriter by The Conway Story

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This multinational collective hailing from California (Jimi, Guitar), Chile (Lenin, drums), Germany (Nik, vocals) and England (Russ, bass and Nick, keyboards) are certainly geographically diverse if nothing else. With songs about relationships and other weighty emotional issues, The Conway Story perform haunting acoustic arrangements with some gaunt guitar lines added to the upbeat moments on ‘Ghostwriter’, the lead track on this two-track single. The band aren’t breaking any new ground, as this type of song has been performed up and down the UK tour circuit since the dawn of the electric guitar, but what makes ‘Ghostwriter’ stick in the conscious are the careful attention to detail in song writing and Nik Owen’s soothing yet measured voice.

Second track ‘Hopeless With Our Hands’ is a slow-burning piano and acoustic guitar song, very low-key in sincerity and delivery. It’s so understated, the melody is stripped down to it’s bare essentials and requires a few more listens to remember how it goes. Yet the song eventually gets under the skin and turns into an affecting if slight number. Inoffensive and obviously a talented band, their ‘Ghostwriter’ single is a pleasant listen whilst it is playing and nothing more.

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Review by Nick Collings

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