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June 13, 2005

Much Like Yesterday by Kate Aumonier

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Aumonier is a UK female solo artist with a smattering of weighty media publications (try The Times, Uncut, The Observer and Logo Magazine for size) praising her sultry sweet vocal chords. And if that was not impressive enough, Kate is performing at the Isle Of Wight Festival on 12th June (hey, the day before this single is officially released!) alongside such musical giants as R.E.M. and Embrace (snigger). So you could say I came into this 2-track single with sky-high expectations. Okay, I put the CD into the disc drive tray and here we go …. lead track ‘Much Like Yesterday’ is pleasant; the vocals compliment a sturdy rhythm guitar with some unassuming electronic effects and chiming notes making me feel chilled. Now I’m racking my brains to reference my limited knowledge of female singers, only Eddie Reader comes to mind. Some other reviewers have mentioned Dido, but I can’t stand Dido and her bland, deadly slow songs so try now to think such evil thoughts.

This is nice, now ‘By This Time’ is playing, and Kate’s soothing, easy on the ear vocals are wafting out the speakers. These songs seem too short at three minutes each, they need more ideas in the melody department and some key changes to be fully fleshed out. The more I hear ‘Much Like Yesterday’, the more it sounds like a typical Coldplay song with it’s atmospheric acoustic dynamics and — I’m using this word yet again — pleasant sounding. No-one could dislike these songs, maybe some death metal fans or attention-deficit individuals will find it all too featureless to bother getting excited about, but right now I need something soothing at this time of night – glass of wine and good book music.

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Review by Nick Collings

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