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June 20, 2005

Burning Up by Beach

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This one-track (one song! How mean is that!) single will remain in the memory not because of the song, but of the music video included on the disc. The video shows badly animated plasticine penguins dancing to collage backdrop of golden beaches (hence the name Beach) and for no reason – the Moon. It’s pretty funny since it looks like the animation was carried out by drunken students. The lip synching from the “Pingu on crack” penguins is so badly done it’s hilarious. Oh yeah, the actual song – you know what, I really like this song, its eighties sounding and unashamedly pop. And I’m not even talking pop-rock here – it’s pure pop with a summer vibe (again with the name Beach).

Who is Beach? He is a solo artist whose real name is Beach (so it says in the press release), resident of London, DJ in Ministry Of Sound (a big deal here in Britain), and purveyor of funky disco house (so it says here). As ‘Burning Up’ is the lead single from the album ‘Missing The Action’, it is a joyous slice of guitar pop with no pretension. The lack of innovation, forward thinking or cutting edge sounds is pretty much a given when singing retro eighties pop. The key becomes – can the song stand up on it’s own without the gimmicky video and stylish genre cross-over funk. The answer is yes, no matter what tags the music industry wants to place on ‘Burning Up’, it’s a quality piece of fluff entertainment, processed guitars overlay the simple hook of “you got me burning up” in a Human League influenced chorus. Hey, it sounds better than the description I just typed!

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