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June 29, 2005

Eyeless in Gaza

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I finally got a new turntable and have about 60% of my vinyl collection with me. This has given me the opportunity to listen to a few old albums. The Eyeless In Gaza was played very near the beginning – I’ve missed listening to them over the past few years. They were in some ways just another obscure band. They started off on the more experimental side with electronics and voice and then turned into an amazing “pop combo” (well, pop to me) where soaring melodies battered you into submission. For a modern day equivalent try The Pernice Brothers/ Joe Pernice/ Scud Mountain Boys.

I never managed to see them live, but I got an email last week asking me to mention that they are playing their first London gig in 19 years on the 29th July 2005 at the Bush Hall, Uxbridge Road, London. I can’t make the date but hopefully they will come up north soon.

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