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July 16, 2005

Drowning In A Well of Sadness Part 12: Mike Johnson

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I have a vague idea that Mike Johnson was the drummer with someone like Dinosaut Jr – but I may be wrong. All I really know is that he made an album Year Of Mondays that is a classic in the history of depressing music. Mike sings in a low voice over a backing of almost jaunty country-tinged indie rock. The real quality is that he sings lyrics from a point of view of disappointment and failure – and this permeates every minute of the album. Whoever Mike used to play with, I just want to tell him that he made a record that has meant a lot to me over many years. I have played it when I need to understand sadness and it just helps to hear someone exploring their own hoodoos.

I think I shall end this series here. The point has been that you can embrace sadness and strengthen yourself. Sad music helps you through the bad times and is still worth listening to in the good times.

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