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July 16, 2005

Van Der Graaf Generator

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I saw Van Der Graaf in Liverpool last week. It was my first gig in a long time (I’ve been living on the edge of civilisation for a few years). It was weird knowing every note of every song but not remembering the song titles. It was a 70s Prog Rock overload and showed that old men can still do it (play double sax and belt out near-operatic vocals, that is). This was a trip down memory lane for the converted. They are probably the only “70s” band I still love – I spent most of the time alone listening to Iggy and the MC5 but even I couldn’t avoid listening to the excesses of Yes, Genesis, and Tull. The absolute highlight was a rendetion of In The End, a song I associate with Hammill as a solo artist but was actually a Van Der Graaf song. This was the first song I played when I set up my stereo in my last house. I don’t think it has good Karma (left the house, months of nowhere to live and now just a temporary 6 month rent in Manchester) but it is pure theatrical overload for any muso.

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