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October 10, 2005

Undergods by Caplyn

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Formed as recently as May 2004, Caplyn have two E.P.’s under their belt in the form of ‘The Walk Back Alone’ and ‘Underdogs’. One of their tracks (‘My Desert Mind’) was on the soundtrack to ‘In A Mans World’, a New York Independent Film winner, which is an enticing selling point for this five-track E.P. So how can I describe ‘Underdogs’ to the causal listener? Using’s “Moods” dictionary as a template, words that jumps into my subconscious are: brooding, dramatic, earnest, searching, cathartic, yearning, angst-ridden, passionate, visceral and fiery. Okay, these words describe Pearl Jam, but for some reason I see the similarities. Both bands have a confident and edgy singer, both play straight-forward rock n’ roll and both concentrate on well-crafted, heart-on-the-sleeve dramatics. The most prominent song ‘The Revolution Will Come’ is a slow burner, strong and melodic in a mid-period REM way. The quality is matched by ‘Shadowesque’, a fairly intense song with sturdy rhythm playing and some nifty drum fills.

The next two tracks ‘Shine On’ and ‘Give As Good As You Get’ are again guitar-driven, well-composed and performed slices of bluesy rock, perhaps lacking the impact of the opening two numbers but not too shabby either. This leaves ‘My Desert Mind’ – the song used on the award-winning soundtrack mentioned earlier, the highpoint of this pensive rocker being the groovy riff and some neat bass playing. The song sounds very retro; some classic rock styling is apparent – going for that timeless experience. On the whole, Caplyn leave a good impression and have made a sturdy E.P. – let’s not go over the top and say this is astounding and go off into hyperbole, rather a worthy addition to the growing number of decent rock bands popping across England.

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Review by Nick Collings

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