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October 17, 2005

Electric Knives by Jynxt

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Please don’t let the band’s gimmick – that the band includes children of Fleetwood Mac founder Jeremy Spencer – or the photo of Jynxt posing with the credibility void that was Crazy Town on their website throw you off the scent, this is distinctively attitude-chick driven rock. The band comprises of shortened named Tally (vocals), Nat (drums), Ben (guitar) and Jez (DJ), with their sound described as electronic music in the style of Evanescence. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Instead of gothic whining, Jynxt are more New-Wave punk with modern sounding electronic trickery and hotch-potch of Eighties and Nineties influences from Garbage to Roxette. The single ‘Electric Knives’ combines fuzzy guitars with strained female vocals and simplistic guitar notes. The B-Side ‘Lucky Day’ continues in a similar vein, but less propulsive and energetic, the main hook being an out-of-place Spanish guitar motif. There’s no passion, conviction or musical ideas spanning more than a chugging guitar and unnecessary electric garnish. It’s a shame as with the band’s musical heritage something less generic and idea-free would have been expected.

[A few weeks later …]

Since my original review of ‘Electric Knives’, I felt I was too harsh on Jynxt – still they do have a crappy band name. A few weeks later I was sent a second copy of the single, but this time with a different B-Side (‘Perverted Mind’ replacing ‘Lucky Day’). And to further tempt fate, ‘Electric Knives’ was given a very positive review in rock bible Kerrang! – which raised my eyebrows. So let’s re-appraise, the chorus to ‘Electric Knives’ has eventually grown on me after giving the song some breathing space. Maybe it’s my imagination but the song sounds like it has been remixed, the production fuller than the tinnier version on my original copy. I still think the band is trying too hard with style over substance. B-Side ‘Perverted Mind’ is a decent stab at Shirley Manson sultriness with a very commercial feel – again nothing approaching brilliant but surprisingly good and much better than the sub-standard ‘Lucky Day’. After a second chance, Jynxt leave a better impression.

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Review by Nick Collings

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