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October 24, 2005

The Last Time by Chapter XIII

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This five-piece band from Bristol with a numeric friendly name is finding some recognition on The Strangler’s tour, so trying to win over a hardcore Stranglers fanbase will be a tricky undertaking. Slap-bass, piercing guitar solos and stuttering keyboards, Chapter XIII have set down their intention of mixing Faith No More rhythmic rock with eclectic mix of pop, electronic and modern rock on their one-track single ‘The Last Time’. With only one song to judge, the slow-paced and doleful tempo is an attempt to appear all serious, with prolonged American sounding vocals. The song builds to a suitably dramatic finale, the musicians plugging away at their instruments to create a heady wall of distortion. The inclusion of woozy and prominent keyboards does make the song rise above any derivativeness that could be levelled at the song – adding an extra layer to the evocative textures. So no complaints from me, this is steady and well-arranged rock with a modern keyboard feel.

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