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November 1, 2005

Mirror by Liner

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A fully fledged band – check; a passionate, youthful frontman – check; a decent batch of tunes – check. Liner tick all the right boxes with their ‘Mirror’ single, it’s catchy and as musically tight as a duck’s arse. Liner has the same sort of hooks that Hot Hot Heat served up so well, twitchy guitars and a singer who can hit the right notes. ‘Mirror’ is well-put together and gives the impression some effort went into the songwriting process rather than just banging out some chords. There’s enough to gleam from this three-track single raising hope that Liner’s forthcoming 2006 debut album will be worthwhile. Both B-Sides ‘Money’ and ‘One Kiss’ are vocal-led with some jangly guitars to give the music a modern touch. ‘Money’ gets the nod as the better track, with singer Alex Callaghan questioning “what’s wrong with your life” over a robust rhythm section and it works well as a memorable vocal hook, before offering the solution of “taking the MF money and run”. This is the sound of a professional band honing their skills at an early stage of their career, showing promising glimpses of their future potential. I’m even considering getting a loan on my car to help out financially for the moment.

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Review by Nick Collings

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