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November 5, 2005

Riotmind by Riotmind

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The sum of three previously-released E.P.’s, this self-titled record is a hotchpotch of Britpop influences and New Wave. It’s a mixed bag, with some tracks working well (‘Out Of Your Mind’ springs to, er… mind) and others too derivative and plodding for their own good (‘Monday’ sounding disturbingly close to the era of The Longpigs, The Bluetones and Mansun). When ‘Revolution Tonight’ revs up, the verses are brooding, delivered in the tone of Moby on his mid-Nineties records, full of rattling percussion and shouty vocals – in stark contrast to ‘Cold And Confused’ which is piano based and soft singing – not a bad effort, it does sound awkward and lacking in heart. Solo artist Riotmind’s strength lies in punchier offerings like ‘My Friend Lucifer’, using agitated guitar tones to give a post-rock metallic sheen to an unsubstantial song at its core; the track oozes energy and is well-arranged. Another highlight is ‘Friends Like New #7’ which gets under the skin which little delightful moments like the speeded up rhythm and dead-pan vocals. Keeping with the positives, ‘In The Name’ works rather well, yet another upbeat, distorted chord strumming number. As I mentioned ‘Riotmind’ is a mixed bag, the vocals lack emotional depth and it’s difficult to pick out individual instruments in the mix, but the enthusiasm and brace of enjoyable songs in ‘Out Of Your Mind’ and ‘In The Name’ make for a useful career overview.

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review by Nick Collings

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