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November 7, 2005

Be Alone by The Fondas

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With their self-coined ‘Slum Rock’ genre description, The Fondas have set their sights on claiming some of the rock action. With just one track ‘Be Alone’ to judge, The Fondas are showcasing a punky basic guitar chord side to their repertoire. Built on the undeniably catchy “you want to be alone” chorus, the song is over in a blur of vigor. The Fondas know how to write memorable rock riffs that you can then hum to yourself later on in the day. Rough, raw electric distorted music, the guitar playing sounds like similar to Nirvana on their most straight-forward moments. With vocals ranging from falsetto to deeper range, the nagging feeling is the falsetto gets kinda grating after a few listens, the chorus becomes too repetitive despite being really catchy and there are countless bands playing this type of music to the same level of quality. What makes The Fondas stand out from the pack I can’t fathom, as this is yet another really, really catchy rock song with spunky attitude which is nothing extra special. Good song, but not jumping off the walls great.

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Review by Nick Collings

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