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November 7, 2005

Dance For Your Dictator EP by The Morenas

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Blazing full of energy and the sound of a band going places, ‘Dance For Your Dictator E.P.’ is a bunch of tightly packed melodies with plenty of confidence. With Paolo on vocal and guitar duties, the band are underpinned by his enthusiastic singing and New Wave inspired guitar lines. Tim Jackson (Bass) and Steve Wilson (Drums) give suitable rhythm backing, with the bass heard loudly in the mix, ‘My Violent Femme’ especially driven by its rumbling bass line. Many commentators have compared The Morenas to The Killers, and it’s easy to understand why the connection is made, both are noisy and edgy with emphasis on catchy hooks rather than playing chords for noise sake. The distorted guitars really rip through the speakers, the songs are so reliant on pop melodies it doesn’t sound harsh or at all clunky. Some bands sound tired and force out their songs, here The Morenas come across as blasting out the songs effortlessly; the spirit is in place and attitude not too calculated. The best song is opener ‘I Just Wanna Be Someone’ mainly down to the really catchy chorus, as if the band were connected to the electrical mains. Sums up the band’s purpose – to deliver some toe-tapping tunes infused with incessant guitars and indie ethics.

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Review by Nick Collings

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