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November 7, 2005

Fear Today, Gone Tomorrow by Moonshot

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Having been established since 1988, Moonshot are a UK-based collaboration between three musicians Daniel Kent, Jeremy Grant and Richard Wolfe who have released several records during their existence, 12 albums on the last count. This 10-track album is full of electronic pop in the style of New Order, sometimes dark with heavy synth lines, and on rare occasions verging into pure lightweight pop. With no chosen frontman, the band shares vocal duties, although the difference in singing talents is not easily distinguishable, they are all capable if unimaginative singers.

When the band focus on their trip-hop influences, as ‘Painted Madonna (Brave New World)’ demonstrates, the music becomes more compelling. The lullaby melody complements the throbbing bass line and stirring string arrangement, the languid pace has a calming effect and pretty much sums up the vibe of the whole album. When Moonshot do pick up energy as on the bouncy and breezy ‘Wonderful’, the song seems too quirky for its own good, although as the song progresses it gathers momentum with a strong hooky melody – out of place on the album when you consider the Massive Attack jamming with New Order vibe. There’s enough electro wizardry and trance like beats here to satisfy people curious enough to find out what Massive Attack jamming with New Order would actually sound like.

A song as topical as ‘Where Is James Bond?’ with its dead-pan delivery has to aspire to matching a typical David Arnold soundtrack score of dramatic strings and stylish grooves. Here Moonshot mostly succeed and ‘Where Is James Bond?’ is one of the few times when something out the blue grabbed my attention. A song worthy of anyone’s consideration is opener ‘Making Decisions’ which is most indebted to New Order even down to the Bernard Summers singing style – could even be considered a tribute song. Over the course of 10 songs, ‘Fear Today, Gone Tomorrow’ with its pun filled title is a consistent and not particularly diverse collection of soft electro atmospheric songs. Accomplished is a word often thrown at Moonshot, and with their prolific output, it’s obvious they have finely-honed their expertise in this genre of music. Maybe too mature to go crazy about, Moonshot tick the right boxes in stylish and level headed electronic music. Which may come across as, well, boring, but we’re leave the excitement elsewhere.

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Review by Nick Collings

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