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November 7, 2005

Jesus by The Cutters

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Not messing with the well-worn formula of a solid melody, good musical chops and pleasant singing, Middlesborough based The Cutters are aspiring to join the dependable likes of Paul Weller, The Who and a host of unyielding English artists. This three track promo shows plenty of promise, all three tracks ‘Jesus’, ‘One Look Back’ and ‘Star’ have undeniable appeal – proper songs with proper melodies, this is not your forgettable, strum the chords and sing any old lyrics over the top which so many bands are victim to. The Cutters have put effort into the timeless art of song writing, all three songs are of same quality, it’s hard to pick out what the most distinctive song could be, no one song sticking out as far better than the others. Little highlights include the questioning lyrics of ‘Jesus’: “If you were Jesus would you come back here” before long the pay-off line “Yeah, I think you know the answer” is given. Another nugget is the opening chiming guitar on ‘One Look Back’ which closely recalls U2 and their also chiming ‘Where The Streets Have No Name’ intro. This gives an air of familiarity as does most of The Cutters music. Which brings me onto the main point – there is something so familiar with this band, nothing is off-the-wall or dangerous – but The Cutters write songs that would make Oasis or even The Verve proud, songs that would work well on both radio and in concert.

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Review by Nick Collings

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