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November 7, 2005

Life And Times by Stoner

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No, not another “stoner” rock band ripping off Kyuss, Stoner is laid-back and mellow taking their influences as far and wide as The Police and Paul Simon. Made up of brothers Desmond and Gavin Lambert with Rob Flanagan completing the line-up, Stoner go for the soulful rock vibe, with good-natured vocals and easy on the ear guitar melodies. Over three tracks ‘Life And Times’, ‘Settle Down’ and ‘Shine Some Light’, there are scatterings of highlights. ‘Life And Times’ has British nostalgic lyrics with notable mention of “Remember Thursday night, Top Of The Pops was on, we would listen to every song, and the next day in the playground, we would all sing along, it’s seems like only yesterday”. Nothing too audacious, it will appeal to middle-of-the-road rock fans who like a catchy beat and nothing too sharp around the edges. Of course, that’s what the general public want, judging by the latest British charts so Stoner will appeal to many people. ‘Settle Down’ is very similar to ‘Life And Times’, but with a stronger chorus and some nifty guitar chord changes. That leaves ‘Shine Some Light’ to close the E.P. a slower and dare I say “soulful” number with falsetto singing verging on Jeff Buckley territory from Desmond Lambert with subtle gospel styled backing vocals. A decent stab at a difficult sound, Stoner saves their most convincing song till last.

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