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November 14, 2005

Immediate by Silver Sun

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On the rare occasion, I get sent promos of bands I have been an occasional fan of in the past. Silver Sun is one of those very rare bands. Making some sizable splashes in the UK rock scene back during the mid-nineties most notably with the popular singles ‘Lava’ and ‘Golden Skin’, Silver Sun’s sugar coated and insanely melodic tunes wrapped in fuzzy guitars made them the UK’s answer to Weezer. Then they dropped out of the public conscience and I forgot about them. Now back with single ‘Immediate’ from the album ‘Disappear Here’, the quartet of James Broad, Richard Buckton, Paul Smith and Richard Sayce still make exactly the same music – commercial power-pop guitar music influenced by Cheap Trick. Showing absolutely no musical progression or growth does not really matter for a band like Silver Sun, since they are so damn good at what they do.

Displaying a wry sense of humour, the single sleeve notes instruct “please do not set volume below 6 when playing” is sound advice – the wall of guitars sound made by the band makes for good driving music – joyous and good natured – putting The Beach Boys into a hard rock blender, adding some Summer sunshine and leave to stand. The B-Sides ‘Dance With Me’ and ‘Sweet Baby’ keep to the same standard of quality that ‘Immediate’ sets as a benchmark. Really short in length, these songs just fly by and the handy “repeat” button comes into play to get the same sugar-rush experience. ‘Dance With Me’ is pretty much a Ramones song, molding care-free, throw-away disposable pop into something memorable. Yes, this is insubstantial music, which will not win any awards or change someone’s life in a meaningful way, but screw it – that’s why we have other bands.

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Review by Nick Collings

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