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November 14, 2005

Indifference by Nadie

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The second single ‘Indifference’ from female vocalist Nadie Keating shows her rockier side; chugging guitars, bass-heavy production and some attitude on the vocal delivery. It’s a fine song and an improvement over debut ‘Like I Used To’, with good lung busting singing, groovy rhythm section and loud cymbals to create a compact rock song in the vein of PJ Harvey’s more outgoing performances, that ebbs and flows with a screeching, dramatic climax. This is in sharp contrast to B-Side ‘Be A Man’ – more low-key and softer in tone. Not creating as strong impact as ‘Indifference’, the subject theme of wanting some bloke to, well, “be a man” goddamnit and commit to Nadie is still a telling lyrical insight into the artist. Not a bad song, although ‘Indifference’ is far superior.

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