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November 14, 2005

Photogenic by The Conway Story

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This multi-cultural group (band members hailing from as diverse countries as Germany, Chile, USA and Spain) are on tour with former Brit-pop heavyweights The Bluetones and judging by The Conway Story’s passionate playing on ‘Photogenic’ should blow those dullards off the stage. Big drums start banging, a juicy riff starts up and vocalist Nik’s strangely alluring voice builds into a flashy and smart rock song. Touching the right emotional buttons, ‘Photogenic’ keeps up the high energy during a tight three and a half minutes of Foo Fighters styled modern rock cutting edge. Short and compact, it grabbed my attention and now I’m ready for some more rock action. That second track ‘October’ on this two-track single is a slow, somber acoustic reading without much happening is a slight let-down. The vocals don’t seem to work that well, in contrast to the fiery passion on ‘Photogenic’. Not a bad song, ‘October’ is easily overshadowed by the single and feels like a standard B-Side. So to wrap things up, The Conway Story are grandiose without indulgence and could take up the mantle from Smashing Pumpkins, Placebo and all those big name nineties bands who mixed crunching riffs with soaring choruses. Of course, The Conway Story has a long, long way to go before matching those talents but I’m sure the story is only just beginning for Conway.

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Review by Nick Collings

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