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January 3, 2006

Look Out Westy! by Riotmind

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The latest release from one man project Riotmind, this raw and scuzzy rock n’roll has emphasis on Clash and Pavement styled melodies. Some stop-start lo-fi guitars (see ‘Dead End Kids’) and glimpses of pop sensibility (see ‘Take The Knife’) break from the norm, showcases some of Riotmind’s better moments on record. In fact, the chorus to ‘Take The Knife’ is bugging me because it sounds so similar to an eighties track that is on the tip of my tongue. Damn my memory‚Ķ

Pretty much all these tracks are mid-tempo, gruff vocals influenced by Joe Strummer. The album works as a collective work, as no one song stands out distinctively from the rest – pretty much all is of equal weighting. The seventh song on this shiny disc has the honour of containing the line “make a movie of you, kill kill kill” and ‘Sister Siren’ sounds remarkably like The Replacements, capturing the “college rock” vibe. ‘Look Out Westy!’ is pretty hard to analyse in great detail, it’s one of those albums which doesn’t need to be analysed or dissected otherwise it loses its vitality. If you picked up any of the previous Riotmind E.P.’s such as Wrapped In Plastic, Where Did You Go?, Out Of Your Mind; then this album is a natural progression, and dare I say it – an improvement in terms of tighter song-writing and more concise use of melodic structure.

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Review by Nick Collings

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