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May 11, 2006

Canadian Invasion

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I have a new CD from Canadian Invasion, a band from Philadelphia (that’s not in Canada by the way), called Songs For The Atco Ghost. It’s good Indie music, towards the pop end of the spectrum. Not normally my cup of tea. But I can hear the influence of Joe Pernice in there and that is what draws me in. There’s a similarity in the slow, melodic, and atmospheric approach to making music. It’s so, so listenable and lush that I am really enjoying it.

Canadian Invasion website
Canadian Invasion on MySpace

Dumped Media Player

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I found that adding an album to Microsoft’s Media Player libray left me with “Unknown Artist” in the playlist, even though I had entered Pitch Black Dream as the artist. I tried again and quickly checked the support pages but found no mention of it. Being a Geek, I don’t end up thinking I’m stupid – I just swear at Microsoft’s incompetence and move on. So I have returned to Winamp for music (a much nicer interface in my opinion) and CDDB will now get the beneft of my typing in the album details for loads of CDs they haven’t yet heard of.

What I was forced to do was enter a Genre. How would you describe Pitch Black Dream? I looked under Alternative and found Ambient/Dream Pop and I like that description of their ummmm ambient, dream pop.


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I just signed up for LastFM. It seemed like a good way of listing the songs I’m listening to. My initial impressions are not good but I am a real newbie on this. All I get is

‘Some tracks you submitted have not been added to your profile for the following reason: The track you submitted appears to be badly tagged – please check the file’s tags'(This might be due to the fact that we’re also upgrading our Cloud Computing system.

Well, that’s pretty obvious – you don’t have the CD details in your database because it hasn’t been released yet. So I go over to MusicBrainz, create an account, and add the CD details. But it can’t be a live lookup because I play songs off the CD and it still shows the same message.

Hopefully, it will all sort itself out. But I am worried that it is just not set up for users like me. If there is a delay in getting the details from MusicBrainz then my listening just won’t be registered. As for the Nag message on the MusicBrainz application to donate to them – hey man, I’m spending my time adding albums you don’t have a clue about, maybe you should be donating to me.

Oh well, MySpace was totally confusing when I signed up. I hope this is the same and I will soon be raving about the service.

I have it all working a day later! You can now see the tracks I am listening to. I had to reduce my security and let my Media Player talk to the Great Satan Microsoft so the LastFM plug-in could identify the tracks. My Recently listened to tracks will be in the header and I will put a list of the bands I’ve been listening to somewhere.