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May 21, 2006

Pitch Black Dream and Hey Pablo!

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I’ve posted two reviews on the main Cool Noise site this weekend and both for bands that I would like to change direction a bit.

First there was Hey Pablo! who are a few blokes from Worcestershire having fun in a sort of comedy boy band playing at being Americans. But they really are good in musical terms. Three out of four tracks on the latest EP work really well and quite honestly, put a lot of rap/nu metal to shame. But having just added OmarTheMystic to my MySpace friends I see that maybe the Comedy link is the most important. Certainly I wouldn’t advise them to go looking for the Rock and Roll fame route but they would be contenders if they chose to.

And this afternoon I posted a review of Pitch Black Dream and their album Fading Away. They are more interested in promoting their music for TV and films than being famous as a band. I’m ok with that, but it does mean I’ll never see a Pop Video of any of their songs and the video I see in my head would be so good – an erotic, sensuous classic to match their music. Of course, what’s really embarassing than that is I have a major crush on Pitch Black Dream. It isn’t just Bernadette (she is a very fine looking woman) but the whole premise of the band and the sound they create. I feel almost guilty at the pleasure they give me, as if I should hide their CDs under the mattress.

I’d better stop there, I think I’m digging a hole for myself. Anyway here are the reviews:

Hey Pablo!
Pitch Black Dream

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