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May 24, 2006

Things In Herds

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What could make me post again about Things In Herds? As little as a new demo acoustic song on their MySpace page. One listen to You Know and the whole evening changes.

You know.
We should be making up
While, while we’re still waking up
And the light draws through our eyes
I don’t want to miss this at all…at all

I’m afraid nothing can follow it but more Things In Herds so I have to get the Everything Has To End Sometime album out and immerse myself in that. Sad enough to burn away all that scar tissue from a broken heart. Sad enough to make you cry and yet leave you feeling much better than when you started.

Thing In Herds on MySpace

More CDs

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I’ve been having trouble with my CD player but I have received CDs from Crawling With Kings, Lost Disciple, Apollo 13, and Proof recently. I may have to mess about ripping to MP3 to listen properly to some.

To any band that sends me stuff, you can now see what I’m listening to on my page – click on the “Listening To” section at the top of the blog and you should see your name somewhere in the various lists.