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May 30, 2006


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I went out for a couple of drinks yesterday afternoon. When I got back I found that the Internet connection no longer worked. It was a Bank Holiday so there was no chance of getting it fixed.

So, what do I do with no Internet? First I had a snooze (I don’t normally drink until the sun sets so that was easy). Cooked some food. I couldn’t face sitting at my emasculated computer listening to music, although there are plenty of CDs to be reviewed. So, I ended up watching television. How do people bear to do such a thing for a whole evening, let alone night after night? The most fun I had was every time I went to get a beer, the cat would come skidding along the wooden floor at full pelt in the hope I was going to feed him. I guess television is a social activity where bonding takes place in small talk inspired by the minutiae of action on the small screen but I must have been absent from school when they did the “small talk lessons” so that’s not much use for me.

…and that’s how I came to make the most boring, inconsequential post ever in this blog (posted from work).

But for anyone who has been foolish enough to read this far, here is a reward: iLiKETRAiNS with BEFORETHECURTAiNSCLOSE PART i – gloriously brooding.

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