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May 31, 2006

The Downfall

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I don’t know why I picked up the CD Transporter by The Downfall again but I did. I think I had fogotten that I had given it a not very good review last year. But I have listened to it a few times over the past week and it really is very good. Great guitar (with feedback, hooray!) and a real energy that drives every song. There is a tightness of composition and performance that tells me I’m listening to a quality band.

Why did I not pick up on this? I was so wrapped up in the Leeds scene that reaches across the generations to appeal to even Prog Rock/Post Punk lovers and presents a peculiarly British view of music. The Downfall take their influence from America and update the grunge/alt-rock sound.

I remember after my review of Darlington’s Solanoid (who I liked a lot) their manager did kind of agree with me about my observations about Americanisms such as ‘Math’. He had questioned the band and they just argued that they had grown up on a diet of American TV/Films/Music.

I wonder whether I am just too old for reviewing young bands. But at least I can say that I was wrong and The Downfall really are a bit special.

The Downfall

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