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June 7, 2006


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This is going to be a short review. Sometimes you hear something that just doesn’t work for you. It’s only my humble opinion, etc. But as I put the CD on for the last time, suddenly there’s a glimmer of enjoyment. What if it is meant to be slightly cheesy, bouncy electronic rock? what if it is taking knowingly from the 1980’s synth bands and using melodic pop hooks without adding the saccharine? Not so easily dismissed, after all. Then it goes into Drive and you realise they can find some really rough synth sounds. I still can’t make up my mind – is All The Same To You like early Depeche Mode? Is it knowingly so? Why the hell did I ever start reviewing? Who am I to say anything? One thing I know is that when I get confused like this there’s a good chance the band are worthwhile. Need a pet? Get an Elektradog.

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