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June 13, 2006

A Few More CDs

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I found a few more CDs I should be reviewing:

45 Rebellion

I have to say that Everest is a great track on this Promo, lowdown guitar and vocals with tensed fists. I’m not so convinced about the other two tracks (competent but not inspiring).

45 Rebellion

Robert The Bruce’s Spider by Instant Species

Instant Species sound to me like Tex-Mex from Yorkshire – implausible but intriguing. I even hear echoes of Three Dog Night in there! The track Hombrecide was on the Dance To The Radio sampler and it still sounds brilliant hearing it again.

Instant Species

Happy Endings Make You Weak by The Mourning After

I feel sure I’ve already mentioned this band but looking through my previous posts I can’t find it. I’m not sure if I’ve ever understood what ‘Emo’ was but that word comes to mind as I listen to this EP. If it means songs with an emotional impact, then this is Emo. Very nice.

The Mourning After

Different Like Everybody Else by Cardboard Radio

On the experimental Rhythm and Blues (they say R ‘n’ B, I say Punk) fringe we have Cardboard Radio. I don’t know what to make of this yet. Constantly distorted vocals and obtuse guitar. Jesus, have I gone so soft I want a tune? All the same I hope and trust they completely ignore what I’ve just said.

Cardboard Radio

The Party Sounds Of Grandmaster Gareth

Absolutely does nothing for me and that goes to show I’m not John Peel. Beyond quirkyness.

Gradmaster Gareth

Annie’s Well by Luxury Car

I did get send an EP by Luxury Car last year but didn’t review it. Now I have an album and I like it. I’m guessing they have the same Cabaret Voltaire albums as me but they are a much more melodic combination than that. For me, they recall the better 80s synth bands but I shall listen more because there’s a certain something there.

Luxury Car

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