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June 22, 2006

Lovebomb by Apollo 13

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Apollo 13
Rather than give you a considered opinion, I am going to express my current confusion. I have a CD Lovebomb from a band called Apollo 13. There are moments that I hate what they do, there are moments I love them. Why mention them as one the best 365 lesser-known bands in existence? Easy: they are confusing. They take from a long history of music. But how the hell do they have the nerve to mix stuff up like that?

I mean Interference (on their MySpace site) – WTF are they doing? That Vocoder? But just listen to the Post-Rock elements they drop in towards the end of the song. Grandiose Palaces is truly awful to my ears – only a Beatles fan could like it. I do know that there will people who really love this song but I hate it. They then play a song The Bomb that is quite simply Led Zeppelin becoming a post punk alternative band. Stunning.

In a world of copyists, you will find musicians who entice, confuse and enrage you. These are the important bands. Anyone who merely meets your expectations, is a charlatan.

Apollo 13 on MySpace

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