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June 28, 2006


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I’ve been keeping Phideaux in reserve because he was featuring songs from his early 80’s Portastudio tapes – charming for me and his loyal fans but not the best idea when I am going to introduce him in this series. He has just posted four great tracks from his forthcoming album The Great Leap so it is now time to say Go Listen!

Phideaux (along with Rich Hutchens and a cast of friends) makes music that starts off in 1970’s Prog, adds in the lightness of touch of 80’s alterative music. The musicianship is excellent but the main thing is he writes and plays great songs. He’s the only person in my musical world world I will allow to plunge into allegorical/sci-fi/epic fantasies.

The thing is, there’s no-one quite like Phideaux. Imagine reading nothing but Airport strips and shopping novels for a year and then starting on G.G. Marquez’s 100 Years Of Solitude. It’s a different world.

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