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July 2, 2006

Mars Bonfire EP by Mars Bonfire

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Mars Bonfire
It’s the sort of CD I don’t want to review because I will put it in my reviewed pile and will rarely have time to go back. It gives me a welcome rush of blood everytime I put it on. It is guitar rock of the very best sort: hard and dynamic. In the tradition of the MC5, Led Zeppelin, and the Black Keys. I have even found myself playing air guitar – its that good.

Mars Bonfire are a young rock band from the Midlands. They play Rock based on the blues and it really sounds like they have never heard Heavy Metal. It’s like hearing stuff from the early 70’s such as Canned Heat, MC5, and early Led Zeppelin. I was around then (albeit young) and I can tell you that they would have rated back then. The guitar work is pretty stunning and it’s crystal clear. Modern production techniques really help. Three great tracks and one I don’t like (I won’t say which one becase it seems to be other people’s favourite).

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