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July 7, 2006

Tiny Knives For Tiny Minds by The Half Rabbits

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The Half Rabbits
I just opened my mail and there it was: Tiny Knives For Tiny Minds an EP by The Half Rabbits. Three tracks of very confident Indie rock. Great songs, insistent guitar work and rhythmic variation. You can hear the swagger in the singer’s voice and it really is a voice that warrants a big swagger with its power and depth. Certainly made my night.

These Rumours sounds cool and imperious and then some distorted jittery guitar ups the ante and we have an ejaculation of passion. And the next song is called Someone’s Coming so I had better leave change the type of metaphor I just started using! More in your face guitar work and some lovely vocal distortion. Playing With Fireworks continues the guitar and voice love-fest (and the rhythm unit is pretty good as well). From reading between the lines, I get the idea that The Half Rabbits have been around as a support act for a while. From the sheer quality and confidence of this release, I think they have outgrown that: this band are ready to take the main stage.

The Half Rabbits

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