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July 19, 2006

At Dusk

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At Dusk
At Dusk are a band that I have never quite come to terms with. They play complicated music without obvious ‘hooks’ to entice the pop music listener. It reminds me of 70’s Prog bands crossed with Sonic Youth. You get more melodies than you shake a stick at and more unusual chord structures than you can learn from any book. I’ve been listening to their latest album You Can Know Danger and they refuse to compromise. They have vision and they pursue it with a passion.

They have also made all of their music free online (see At Dusk music). So, no excuse. At Dusk produce music that Math Rockers will understand and anyone who loved Trout Mask Replica will welcome. All right, am I scaring you? You don’t need to have imbibed all the musical history that At Dusk have (Ligeti, The Zombies, and everyone else). You just need to know that the real gems are found after you have expended a little sweat digging for them.

At Dusk on MySpace