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July 24, 2006

News: Nomad 67 Banned From Streets Alive!

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This news will shortly grace the pages of the Tenbury/Ludlow Advertiser. It seems the gentle people of Ludlow found that Nomad 67 were too loud and they will not be allowed to play at the next Streets Alive festival. Teenagers have not been in the news in that part of the country since the Young Princes were taken from Ludlow Castle to London and then murdered by King Richard.

Joking aside, Nomad 67 treated the people of Ludlow to an exhibition of rock n roll. Despite the incongruous setting of a sunny afternoon in an historic Shropshire market town, Nomad did their thing. People ran away from the “Street Theatre” but they all stopped to watch and listen to the Nomad boys. I heard thing that confirmed to me that this is a band to be reckoned with. There were moments when Josh’s bass kicked in at a lower octave and the music all came together into a tight vortex (Mosh-Pit moment in a dark sweaty club) and Will’s drum show-off bit didn’t just take me aback but stopped people walking past to stand and gape. Jay’s voice really is as good as it is on record.

Ludlow, you were rocked…get over it.

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