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August 1, 2006

The Octopus In The Igloo by GunsLikeGirls

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At first listen this sounded like Hardcore Punk – jagged guitars and shouting just as it should be. But it really isn’t that simple. GunsLikeGirls are very melodic musically, in a rock way, and some of the vocals are anthemical in the style of modern US punk. It’s an interesting combination and ultimately satisfying. The subjects covered by the songs are not Armageddon or Death (perhaps excepting The Moore We See which has some crushingly good guitar riffs towards the end), but the lies and disappointments of life. Lyrically like a more personal Joy Division.

Maybe they will fall between two stools as regards fans: too soft for Hardcode and too hardcore for Alt Rock. If this happens then it will be unjust. GunsLikeGirls can bridge the gap between the styles by providing a more humanised music for noise lovers without the posturing. And playing them will still annoy your parents!


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