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August 3, 2006

Different Like Everyone Else by Cardboard Radio

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Cardboard Radio
Quirky Punk from North Yorkshire with a grounding in Rhythm and Blues licks. Or is that Rhythm and Blues with a Punky edge? Thankfully they sing in a Yorkshire accent (no Americanisation here) and treat songs as ways to tell stories. Different Like Everyone Else has good guitar work and mix of rhythmic devices that makes the song charming. Please? Please? Please? No! has a guitar riff like My Sharona and is a bouncy little number that would not be out of place on a Patrik Fitzgerald album (apart from the accent).

Musically Cardboard Radio play the field and mix choppy chords, short riffs, and lots of playfulness to create something that just makes me smile. I don’t believe anyone could resist the temptation to jig about to this if they ever caught the band live.

Cardboard Radio

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