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August 3, 2006

Supersonic by The Voodoo Jets

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The Voodoo Jets
Powerpop without guitars? Is it possible? The Voodoo Jets prove it is. Their influences are a complete opposite to mine (they come via Cheap Trick and The Beach Boys) and evoke a 1970’s feel. So it is a bit outside of my experience but I can spot a band that have talent and the songwriting, performance and attention to the sonic landscape is first class. I think part of the 1970s thing is the musicianship, The Voodoo Jets are experienced in their craft.

If Powerpop is your thing and you are open to new music then give The Voodoo Jets a listen. As a really special offer, anyone who buys a copy of Supersonic will receive a live acoustic performance of their favourite song played over the phone! Now that’s a band who care about their audience.

The Voodoo Jets

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