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August 5, 2006

Bad Reviews

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I’m just going through all of my old reviews and creating blog posts about them so that they can be found using the Search function. Most of my reviews try to say positive things or at least acknowledge it is just my personal taste. But I have found some old reviews that didn’t hold back (generally on bigger signed bands). Some quotes:

Unfortunately, memorable for the wrong reasons because it is bunch of clichés about their imaginings about what office life is like. I may be completely wrong, but it just sounds so false. Crap melody too.

…is simply awful – too hurried and tuneless

Promotion rather than talent.

I remember the stuff first time around…they wouldn’t have hacked it back then and they don’t hack it now.

Adolescent fantasies (let’s get ‘fuck’ in the first line).

I can see no reason why this CD should have been made. Bands doing versions of other people’s songs around a theme can be an interesting proposition – but in this country murder is a crime.

Doesn’t anyone have the critical distance just to say “stop it, it’s not big and it’s not clever”.

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