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August 14, 2006

Let The Girls Know EP by The Proof

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I deliberately didn’t mention The Proof in my review of the Total Punk Rock CD because I wanted to say a few words about it separately.

One of the big things for me on hearing The Arctic Monkeys for the first time last year was the fact that they sang in a Sheffield accent. I’m used to London and American accents (even when bands come from Scotland!) but there have been few examples of a Northern accent. Now, The Proof are proper Northern but the singer sounds like broad Yorkshire to me rather than Newcastle, where the band are based.

The Proof proclaim themselves as “4 Piece Evil Mod”. I never knew what Mod was (didn’t like The Jam much) but The Proof’s music is very fine and certainly owes something to the punk movement. It is energetic and melodic without losing any of the guitar-driven basics. And always there is a really special voice over the top. If I was anywhere near The Egypt Cottage (one of my favourite pubs in the world – free jukebox with a top quality set of albums to choose from), I would be there in the audience for this band. The quality of the songs shine through on this EP.

The Proof

afternote: the singer Scott is in fact from Newcastle – at least I didn’t accuse him of sounding like he was from 12 miles down the road (my birthplace).

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