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August 16, 2006

Fallen by Vib Gyor

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Vib GyorVib Gyor are a five piece band from Leeds. Their single Fallen is a glowingly romantic and lush sound. Dave Fendick’s voice owes something to the Puressence school of singing (at least I hope so because I don’t want to have to go on about Radiohead again).

Shit, no I have to say it. They sound like an updated Radiohead, although better to my ears. What’s the good of reviewing if you don’t say what you think. But the main track Fallen is well played and well sung and is a beautiful song. I would consider rating it in the same bracket as Fell City Girl or The Tides except that the b-side How Long Have I Lost suggests Thom and his mates so clearly that it turns me off. But for a first single, it is pretty magnificent.

Vib Gyor

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