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August 18, 2006

A Clean Incision by The Reverse

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A Clean Incision by The ReverseThe last London band I reviewed was Modern American Science and they were really good. The only reason I mention that is there hasn’t been a London sound in my lifetime and yet the closest sound to The Reverse is their fellow Londoners. This band plays Intensively melodic songs with some really nice guitar that almost touches on an English equivalent of alt-country.

The opening track, Carry The Lights, has the wonderful line “the last time that I came was alone inside my room”. The music is varied and inventive and the singing is very fine. On the next track Secrets (that provides the line A Clean Incision), the Voice comes into full effect when it drops an octave or so for certain phrases. Don’t Take My Love Away is a total Turkey that can only be compared to The Boomtown Rats – enough said. They finish off with In A Cage, Under The Ground and get straight back to form with a song that is constructed to charm and entice you into a world of emotional turmoil.

A beautiful record.

The Reverse

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