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August 19, 2006

Songs For The Atco Ghost by Canadian Invasion

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Canadian InvasionPhiladelphia’s Canadian Invasion are descendants of the Scud Mountain Boys but they don’t have the same fragility. What they do share is a love of melody and a homely feel for music from the roots of America. At times, during Swim Club for example, they sound a bit like New York’s The Sharp Things with their Torch choruses. There are also songs of delicate beauty such as The Other Side Of The Dirt that entice through the vocal textures and the ambiguity of the music and Mail Noir Part One meanders through the streets of unrequited love.

In the end I get a feeling of disappointment – there are some wonderful moments but there are a lot of “filler” tracks, all of high quality but containing nothing beyond the mainstream of Americana bands. Of course I am rating Canadian Invasion against the best known bands such as Wilco, Son Volt, and Golden Smog. In that comparison they come out as on the same level and it perhaps says more about my slight boredom with the mainstream Americana than this band’s quality. It is a very pleasant record and doesn’t put a step wrong but in the many listens over the past few months they haven’t grabbed me as much I thought they would when I first heard it.

Canadian Invasion

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