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August 20, 2006

Robert The Bruces Spider by Instant Species

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The first time I heard Instant Species was on a Dance To The Radio compilation when they played a kind of TexMex song with a punk energy. That track Homrecide is on this album and still sounds very fine. Go To Your Grave In Mexico is along a similar theme and if you want to know what Calexico would sound like when given a good talking to by some lads from Yorkshire, then here it is. The Track Love Hooks does remind me a bit of Three Dog Night. Men Of The Sea is just that, a Sea Shanty.

I can’t think of any other band that play music like this – the only historical reference i can give is the Band Of Holy Joy who were wonderous in their time. Instant Species are a new twist.

Instant Species

Into The Woulds by Federales

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FederalesThere are two ways for me to approach this review: I can say that Federales are ripping off Sebadoh – or I can say that Federales have eclipsed Sebadoh. I suspect that if I was young and listening to this band now and comparing them to Sebadoh then I would say Lou Barlow’s old band was good but inconsistent while Federales really hit the spot. In my head I always think of the bands I have loved as near perfect, forgetting the dud tracks and even dud albums. The only thing that Federales don’t possess is the collective nature of Sebadoh that would take you from a yearning love song to an all out shouting track when you least expected it.

What a frustrating review this will be for the band to read – based on comparison to someone else. I’ll try and do better than that. Into The Woulds is an album that uses unconventional musical structures to hold you in limbo and then throws you into either a melodic or noise climax. At times frustrating, it is saved again and again by loud guitar on the earlier tracks like Golden Age and Everything’s Exactly As I Planned. You won’t find any easy answers on this album, but it asks all the right questions.

Truth is, I’d rather listen to Federales now, than dive into my Indie/Lo-Fi music from the 1990s.