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August 30, 2006

Backstabber by The Dresden Dolls

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I’m guessing that most people who are interested in The Dresden Dolls already know the song Backstabber from the Yes, Virginia album. It’s a fine song that includes some very bitchy lines that you may wish you had used in reply to some comments in your past.

I’ve been following The Dresden Dolls tour over on (the book of) Cool and the truth is I have no interest in the Brechtian Cabaret and all that showmanship stuff. I realise that it is great for youngsters to dress up for a “show” – but I just care about the music and how it makes me feel.

What really interests me is the b-side Lonesome Organist Rapes Page Turner. This is a song that reveals the depth of The Dresden Dolls neurosis. I have no idea if this relates to any personal experience (I hope not) but it is an incredibly detailed revelation of sexual/psychological assault. And that is for me the power of this band. They are seriously disturbing. I need music that makes me think, that challenges me and although The Dresden Dolls are popular (way too popular for this site), they still make music that shocks me. I think it’s worth ignoring the theatrical hype and listening to them as serious musicians who explore the darker side of life.

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