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August 30, 2006

United By Music

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Fourteen StoriesFourteen Stories have just been added to my MySpace friends. They are obviously mates with The Proof who I reviewed recently and probably picked up on that. They are also a very fine band that know that a guitar is a guitar. What I like is the difficuty of defining them – are they alt-rock, metal, 70’s? Of course they are just a real guitar band and that appeal is timeless and doesn’t need labels.

They are also from a place I can never set foot…Wallsend. There is a huge divide between the cities of Newcastle and Sunderland (12 miles apart) based on football mainly. When my Dad was young he would watch Sunderland and Newcastle United on alternate Saturdays but during the 1970’s something changed that made such a thing impossible. I remember going to a Sunderland vs. Newcastle match in the 70’s and it was mayhem. This was before football supporters were properly segregated and the Fulwell End (at the legendary Roker Park) was just a mass of flying bottles. I remember that for the whole match, there was a constant procession of people down the touchline with blood pouring from their heads. Thankfully those sort of scenes have been eradicated from football.

Despite leaving Sunderland when I was four weeks old, the heritage continues. I obviously have no North East accent particularly since I couldn’t speak until I was seven (speech therapy just down the road in the Churchill Hospital near where I am living at the moment so a quick and big thank you to the NHS). But my football loyalty is absolute.

Lead us to the promised landHowever, music doesn’t have such tribalism or predjudice as football, so I shall say a hello to Fourteen Stories and give them the shock of looking at the steely eyes of the saviour of Sunderland AFC.

Fourteen Stories

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